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Friday, July 8, 2011

Instantly and Easily Post Your Resume to over 80 Top Job Sites

Save Time and Money.
You have to spend some of your time posting your resume but do you want to spend all day at dozens of job sites? Probably not the best utilization of your time. Time that could be spent networking with potential employers.

Learn More:

What you get:

* Resume Posting: on up to 86 top job sites.
* Massive Exposure: to over 1.5 million employers & recruiters.
* Posting Report: of all job sites your resume was posted to.
* Jobs by Email: Receive matching jobs from lots of job sites.
* Spam Protection: keeps your personal email box safe.
* Identity Protection: posts your resume information confidentially.
* Centralized Log in: to all job site accounts we created for you.

Start saving time now.

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Anonymous said...

Have used Resume Rabbit and I have to say that while I am pleased with the service I have had some difficulties. Those looking to change careers may have to print the list of sites that Resume Rabbit has blasted their resume to and review each one because certain job boards will pull key words from your resume and use them to match you to jobs. This of course could result in getting job alerts for the very career that you are trying to get out of especially if your resume is not optimized to reflect a desire to change careers. It can be time consuming but worth the effort to pull the list of sites(on your Resume Rabbit account home page) and go to each to ensure that your alerts match with your new career interests.

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