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Sunday, March 3, 2013

4 Tips To Gain Job Interviewing Confidence

Do you feel that you lack confidence in your interviewing skills? Guess what most job candidates feel just like you. Career Confidential CEO Peggy McKee gives you 4 methods for gaining confidence in the job interview if you are over 40. 

With "4 Simple Steps For Job Interviewing Confidence" your interviews will be more successful. Her focus on planning, practicing, using sales techniques and being sure you look right can make all the difference in a job interview. If you are an older worker and looking for a strong process on how to effectively search for a new career then you should become familiar with Peggy's Career Confidential Tools. Interns Over 40 and Career Confidential have joined forces to help you learn how you can become "Career Confidential". 

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Alan B. said...

You mention A Brag Book and The Recruiter? Can you elaborate on what each of these are, or where more information can be found about them?

Anonymous said...

I think that when you post a discussion forum topic like "4 Tips to Gain Job Interview Confidence," you should just list them in your discussion post rather than as an advertisement and link to your site. If you have an insight, post it - if you're selling, put it in the promotions section of LinkedIn.

Anonymous said...
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Dave Spencer said...

Daves' 4 P's of interviews !...Preparation, Presentation, Personality (having one) and Positivity. Been promoting them for years.

ayah corda said...

Thanks for this one. This is so nice and informational. I really believe that being confident is the most important things to remember to be considered in order to pass job interview.

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