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Monday, March 5, 2012

Is Your Resume A Mess?

Have you been looking for a inexpensive and fast way to build an effective resume?

I wish everyone could have a career coach and professional resume writer who works for them full-time. But that is fantasy! So for the rest of the world we need to find a simple and less costly method. In my quest to find one potential solution I browsed passed a product called Amazing Resumes. I say browsed because I passed it at least 10 times before I stopped to read it . Why you ask?  It is one of those web sites with an annoying talking head. I guess this is effective marketing for some people.
But what impressed me more was what the product could do. BTW they offered a money back guarantee. So I figured lets play.

The product turns out to give very clear tips on how to create a an effective resume that will catch HR's attention. It is so difficult today to differentiate yourself and make your resume stand out and grab the attention of the employer! 
Learn more on Amazing Resume Creator below(information below provide by Resume Creator):

After A Fast Download To Your Computer, You Simply Double-Click Your Mouse On The "Amazing
Resume Creator" And You're Ready To Go!
Point And Click your mouse to choose the TYPE of resume you want to create.
Click The "Tailor" Button to begin creating your resume from the template on your computer screen.
The Amazing Resume Creator automatically interfaces with Microsoft Word making it easy to customize an amazing resume just for you.
In just minutes, you're all done! You've created a personal, powerful, "amazing resume" that is 100% customized for you!
Your New, Amazing Resume Will Be Ready
To "Go To Work" In Just 10 Minutes Flat!


Doris Appelbaum said...

In my quest to find one potential solution I browsed passed a product called Amazing Resumes. So I figured lets play.

Hire someone who knows more about spelling and punctuation!!

oceanflash08 said...

Your the best Doris. You should post more often. Thanks and have a great week.

Anonymous said...

You are is not your, it is you're.

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