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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Would You Like To Find A Job Quicker Using LinkedIn?

As an Older Skilled Worker we sometimes get overwhelmed by social media tools such as LinkedIn. But you really need to overcome your fear and try to gain a competitive advantage by learning how to use LinkedIn to help find a new career.

The power of LinkedIn is really in your hands. You can either use it like your driving a 1975 4 cylinder Datsun B210 or a 2011 BMW 534I. That is your choice.

Would you like to turn your LinkedIn profile into a "job magnet" that attracts recruiters and employers like bees to honey? Learn More.

 What would it be worth to eavesdrop as a working recruiter shows you his secrets -- so you can "recruit yourself" using LinkedIn? Learn More.

Plus, live examples and real-world case studies from Guerrilla Job Hunters who are using LinkedIn the right way!

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