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Monday, September 26, 2011

Cracking The MidLife Code

Cracking The Midlife Code - October 24th

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AGE BIAS In Hiring And Work : The Things You Can and Can't Do About It

Bobby Edelman

Many people over 40 are for the first time in lives encountering age bias in many aspects of their lives.  Most notably, age bias is prevalent in the workplace these days. Midlife people are concerned about: keeping their jobs, avoiding layoffs,  and especially getting rehired after layoffs. While some justify age bias in the workplace and elsewhere as "a rational business decision," the fact of the matter is that millions of midlife people are having trouble supporting themselves and their families because they're not getting rehired.
We'll be talking about:
  • 5 Job market Realities for Over 40 Workers
  • What you and others you know need to do to be more hireable in today's job market
  • What you can and can't do about age bias

Bobby Edelman is the mastermind, or as he says "the chief bottlewasher" behind the Interns Over 40 community serving older workers worldwide. Interns Over 40 is all about "A New Career For the Skilled Worker" acknowledging the challenges during a career transition for over 40 workers. Prior to Interns Over 40,Edelman has served in executive roles at The Carmel Valley Group, Directfit (Board Member) and Marshall Industries. He also founded the Education, News and Entertainment Network (ENEN). 

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