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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5 Job Market Realities For Over 40 Unemployed Skilled Workers

Did You Know That 25 Million Friends, Neighbors, Children, Husbands, and Wives Need Real Jobs. (FYI:That is only in USA) Do You Feel Obsolete? With Presidential Politics ready to catapult the Nation head on into the hotly contested debate on how to best lead us out of a jobless future, it is time to quickly review the current market conditions for an Over 40 job seeker. There are 5 job market realities for an Over 40 Unemployed Skilled Worker :
  1. Many older workers are now part of a large group of long-term unemployed (average 55+ weeks), under employed or those that just have given up looking for a job (AKA Discouraged Workers). That adds up to an astounding population of almost 25 Million job seekers.
  2. There is a serious mismatch of current skills to current job openings.
  3. Many of the jobs available require Over 40 workers to start at salaries of 25-50% of what was previously earned with few benefits, such as Health Care.
  4. Many available positions that are created are temporary or as a independent contractor. Resulting in a temporary respite from the anxiety of job hunting.
  5. 4.5 unemployed people are competing for each newly created job.
So the question is will the President and Congress implement a jobs program that includes the retraining of a few million older workers whose skill set has been categorized as currently obsolete. Can these type of programs ignite long term job growth. 

The rumor is that the President with advocate a retraining Internship program for Older Skilled Workers that have suffered with being unemployed for a 
extended  period of time. We hope this is true. Do you know that "Over 60% of internships lead to Jobs". You are never too old to start a new career. 

Do you think companies should offer more training programs targeted to skilled older workers? If so, would you participate if it was without pay? (Editor's Note)
source:www.jobbound.com/about-us/in-the-news Get a Free Career Skills Analysis


Anonymous said...

Its Christmas time,a time to give and share,bring joy,peace,unity and brotherhood to the heart and home.but being jobless and unemployed,I have nothing except my well wishes and gratitude to give.My 19yr old son is already feeling depressed so is my 12yr old son too.My wife a diabetic is feeling it too.Very soon we'll be running out of funds,then what happens,just thinking about it is enough to send shivers down yr spine.Its horrific.
All I wished was to be gifted with a job so that I could support,sustain and feed my family.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Just pray.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time...you don't need to pray. If you want, OK...but you have to use your time in something more productive. You have to continue your search and see if you can add more places to search, try to look if you can start your own business, may be open a pub, a kiosk, be a "fix guy", whatever. Your "kids" must see you DON'T GIVE UP! This is the best you can giv'em in this situation. And I was layed-off too...2 months already...

Anonymous said...

The expectations of you as an older candidate are actually higher, not lower than those for early-mid career candidates. They expect more leadership and know-how of you and give little credence to "potential" or "skills transfer" in a way that they might for candidates with longer career paths in front of them.
Few coaches seem to grasp this, preferring to focus on attitude, wardrobe, and other surface impressions. Those are important, but not the core issues underlying the scrutiny.

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