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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Find, Hire and Manage An Effective Internship Program

Are You A Small Business Owner, Recruiter or HR Manager?

The Single Best Labor Force To Grow Your Business. 
Join Interns Over 40 and Intern Profits Insider Webinar: January 31St.

The Employer In The New Economy.

Internships are often a solution to help employers grow by bringing on educated individuals who can bring value to their organization while also providing a potential pool of new employees.  If small businesses and organizations can grow using the power of interns they will in turn be able to create more jobs, thereby helping to turn the economy around and lowering the unemployment rate.*

Not only can students take on virtual internships but they can also be a resource for unemployed professionals of any age to further their skills, keep their resume from having large gaps of unemployment, make new contacts, and ultimately find paid work or a new career field.*
“An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates
knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical
application and skills development in a professional setting.
Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied
experience and make connections in professional fields they are
considering for career paths; and give employers the opportunity to
guide and evaluate talent.”

On January 31st join us for a free training where we will reveal the single best labor force in the entire world.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or an HR Recruiter who wants to:
- Get more done (while at the same time working less)
- Start & FINISH more of your projects (because I know you have some projects that would be very profitable if you just took the time to implement them)
- Make more money by improving the profitability of your business (because you'll have more people working on your business than ever before)

- Hiring employees with big salaries
- Dealing with employee "benefits" and taxes
- Paying sky high hourly rates for contractors
- Outsourcing to some 3rd world country (where the quality of work and language barriers are frustrating) 
Join Here For This Insider Webinar on "The Single Best Labor Force  To Grow Your Business".

*source:Courtesy Of Intern Profits.

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