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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Comment Of The Day: "Billionaires VS The Working Middle Class:"

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Billionaires VS The Working Middle Class: Darwin E...": 

There is nothing new about this agenda of busting America down to a 3rd world country. It was planned over 300 years ago. It is just coming to fruition.

Since taxpayers are paying for everything anyway, I say have at least ONE presidential candidate whose support is furnished by the People (taxpayers) and eliminate complete domination by rich and crooked politicians. Do this in conjunction with a law to be passed whereas one, maybe two, publically elected candidate(s) must receive equal air time with the "money promoted" candidates by all news media. That gives the PEOPLE a real voice in who gets elected!

The Demo Party promotes immoral, antiChristian, and antiFamily value lifestyles and make for bad role models to children and the impressionable. Repub's now produce candidates who cheat on their wives (can't live up to their commitments), and Lie to the People.

Example: Mit Romney says he don't care about the Poor yet he has sent Millions and Millions of his own money to offshore accounts after broadcasting "I believe in America!" What is wrong with that picture? If Politicians, financial institutions, Executives, and other rich people are "removing" Billions of funds from America, that could be used to create employment here, then why would we want either as our leaders? Someone needs to create a new website called, "thosedestroyingamerica.org"! It should name ALL people who have shipped their money OUT of America to other foreign countries and offshore accounts for ALL to see! Plus their actions taken in "outsourcing" American jobs for more profit....

243,000 jobs now reported created in America! Unemployment is down to 8.3%! Great News.... Just don't mind that thousands more are being shipped overseas at say, $30 an hour, and the new jobs are paying say, $10 an hour.... Never mind that Politicians KNOW that people can no longer pay their mortgages based on $10 an hour (that part is always left out!) And gotta love how the Politicians intentionally OMIT facts in "how they count" who is unemployed, like: 1) how many people are no longer eligible to receive unemployment benefits, and 2) ALL the self-employed who are out of work (small business owners, etc.). None of the above can be counted in the Unemployment Figures / Data..... So how bad is it.....Really?

Better yet, if we continue on this course, how long will our economy last???? What is sad is all of those who, despite facts and reality, continue to "bury their heads in the sand" actually thinking if they can't see the Lion, then the Lion can't see and eat them!!!! Politicians, CEO's, and Financial Institutions, DEPEND on such people to survive. 

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