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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Family Securities

Contributed by a guest blogger: I always heard from other people what a great place California was, but I never thought I would end up there. I always lived on the East Coast, and thought I would stay there. I always thought the East Coast had a specific culture that I was a part of and that I wouldn’t fit in anywhere else. I lived in Washington, DC for five years, and then Boston for ten. When my boss offered me a transfer to Northern California I was hesitant to even consider it. Then he told me that it would be a big promotion, and it included a 20% raise in salary. That was a hard deal to ignore since the cost of living would be significantly cheaper there. I discussed it with my husband and he thought we should definitely do it. He was sick of the cold Boston winters, so that was that. We were on the west coast in two months time. We found a great home and got connected with an Alarm Systems Reserve, so we could feel safe in our new neighborhood. So far everything is great her. We love the warm weather and are adjusting well.

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