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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Webinar Series: How To Find A Franchise

Attend a webinar at 10:30 Pacific Standard time, on January 12th 2012.
Learn about how you can find the right business for you. Some of the topics will be:
  • Is this a safe time to become a business owner?
  • What are the three ways to become a business owner? And which are the lowest risk? 
  • How can you find an existing business to buy - and have cash flow and a paycheck from day one?
  • What are financing options in this economy?
You will find opportunities to use the skills you have developed over a successful
career. No - you will not find a business where you spend your day flipping burgers.
You will learn about top executive opportunities - where you can make a great living,
build an enduring business, and enjoy your work.

This webinar is presented by Interns Over 40 and The Entrepreneur Option. The Entrepreneur Option offers FREE consulting service to help you learn about becoming a business owner. They provide free guidance, information and support to individuals who are interested in ownership.

Learn More About The Webinar On January 12th 2012. 

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October 12th , 2012????

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