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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Can You Cope With The Stress Of Unemployment During The Holidays

stress relief training software and meditation.
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1. I'm too depressed to get out of bed. What should I do?
2. I feel very anxious all day long since I lost my job. What can I do to feel better?
3. I feel so bad about myself, like I have no purpose? I feel like a failure. What can I do?
4. My wife and I have been fighting ever since I lost my job? I think that stress is effecting our relationship. How can we communicate better?
5. How can I tell my children that we can't afford to get them many presents this Christmas?


  1.        How to cope with depression/anxiety through the holidays
  2.        How to communicate with your partner during tough times
  3.   How to elevate your Self-Esteem during this difficult time
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stress relief training software and meditation.


Anonymous said...

Probably doing all the things I wanted to do and postponed due to busy days

Anonymous said...

I rather go by this:

Anonymous said...

Since there are no young children involved, my coping with the holidays is easy -- Don't celebrate them. No expenses on gifts, parties, meals, etc.
It is just another day.

Anonymous said...

I'm there as well. Keeping your chin up can be hard work. Do something good for someone else. Volunteer to work at a food drive, soup kitchen, whatever. There is no lack of work for volunteers and there is no greater joy than helping someone in need.

Anonymous said...

I wish I can be as positive as you guys!I have a 9 year old son,going on 3rd year without a job.I have a B.A. degree and have worked for 25 years.Christmas is really depressing because I can even afford to get my son a present.

Anonymous said...

I would like to get your son something for Christmas. Although I am also out of work I think its the best time to give - is there something moderate on his list that he really wants. email me at dhughes17@woh.rr.com

Anonymous said...

Be active. Try to remember that money comes and money goes. Be social and do not be afraid to ask your friends for help or for temporary job opportunities even if they pay very little. The idea is to be active in order to stay positive.
Do not be afraid to consider bankrruptcy or debt settlements. Like a business you need to stay afloat and you can always resume payments later when the situation improve

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