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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Comment Of The Day

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "So How Old Are You? Things You Can/Can't Do About ...": 

I would further like to add rather rhetorically in logic that the seasoned professional assures business of experience and knowledge acumen (gained either during business upswing or turmoil). This is an added advantage to any job position during the interview. 
However the recruiters these days are young HR management graduates!! conclude that a seasoned professional in 40's or 50's need to be a senior executive position, say a GM/Dir/VP at the least. 
This outlook towards any non rising seasoned professional by most recruiters these days has added much woes to the current economic crisis. 
Instead the young HR, recruit, just passed out top 'B' school graduates at phenomenal pay packages just because these very impressive kids are trained to talk 'SHOP' as Top Business personalities, promising to deliver huge ROI. 
I am sure most stakeholders and the Business committee who have survived this folly although at the cost of huge losses in ROI and are now reverting back towards the seasoned professionals, regardless. 

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